Ruth Bartlett is a 3-D problem solver specialising in art direction, set design, interior design and prop styling. She creates one off pieces (independently and to brief) up to entire spacial designs and atmospheres for use on catwalks, brand events, pop up boutique stores and photoshoots; as well as permanent retail and hospitality spaces. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Selected clients (past & present)

Adidas X Atonal, All Saints, ASOS, Babbel, The Clear Channel, Folkdays, Google, Iain & Jane, Ikea, Mercedes Benz, Metal Magazine, Michelberger Hotel, Mint & Berry, Netflix, Nexus Productions, Nike, Nokia, Numéro Magazine, Office Footwear, Smart Car, Stil in Berlin, Swatch, Tank Magazine, Warp Records, Zalando, Zeiss, Zeit Magazine

Elsewhere online…

Instagram / Freunde von Freunden / This is Jane Wayne / Hey Woman / Stil in Berlin / The Food KeeperMitvergnugenIn Search Of

Ruth Bartlett, Our Bartlett, Portrait

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